Exhibitions > Naming It Makes It A Thing

A commissioned comic strip by emerging artist Joel Crowder.

Once a small cog in the military machine, Joel Crowder is currently sharpening his artistic talents during his last semester at Los Angeles Valley College. Currently residing in the San Fernando Valley, Crowder is also assisting in building the online/social media presence of the music label Tent City Recordings; starting up his own art brand, Deadstock Foods; being a husband, dog parent, a human owned by a neighborhood cat, best friend, son, brother. He also is preventing his impostor syndrome from claiming a long form/unfinished comic strip called “Death Scrolls” as a casualty of “started but never finished" works.

When he’s not trying to reach others who may be going through similar life events and during non-pandemic times, Crowder also likes long walks in comic shops, terrible and/or good horror movies, anime, gassing good people up who need it, dope music, shoes, good times with good people and tasty food!